This is a totally mundane post that exists only to show off the cutest baby bath pictures in the history of the world.

Lillian loves her baths. Even if she’s having a screaming fit, she’ll chill out in the bath. David and I generally work together, though we both have solo bath skills if necessary. Generally David will get her undressed for the bath while I go find a night onesie for her. Then we give her vitamin D drops, per our pediatrician’s instructions. It seems breast milk doesn’t convey it so nursed babies get supplements.

Daddy preparing Lillian for bath time.

Then it’s into the bathtub in her little whale tub where she gets doused in warm water by Daddy, shampooed, washed, and rinsed by me. She doesn’t do the happy smile time thing in the bath, she just gets this quiet, blissed out look that’s hard to describe. It doesn’t matter if she gets water in her face, she just kind of hangs out and chills.

Getting soapy.

Totally. Chilling. Out.

I dry her hair a bit in the tub first, and then we transfer her to her towel on the floor to be dried off and burritoed up.

Excellent hair

Baby burrito! This is where the screaming may start, but didn't.

Then a little snuggle time, a diaper with some ointment for overnight, and a light onesie and it’s off to bed. Theoretically. Bedtime involves swaddling, rocking, possibly nursing, rinse repeat. It usually works. But the bath is a nightly ritual which we all enjoy.

Please to not pee on Mommy's leg.

Bonus cuteness.