The nursery is as close to finished as it’s going to get for the next few weeks. We’re still waiting on the awesome glider the grandmas got us, a floor lamp, and some stuff for the dress/changing table. Oh yeah, and a baby. But I think it’s ready for the early debut. The Design Guru will probably add some additional style magic when she photographs it for her porfolio, so I’ll be sure to share those pics.

These are from a quick grab of photos, and my flash was acting up so stay tuned for the really pretty pictures in a few weeks.

Left side of the room: painted book case, Indian wall hanging, some photos, and a placeholder for the glider.

Here's the crib (IKEA) and some decorations.

Check this puppy out: It's a toddler-sized duvet that was decorated with iron on images from David's and my photo portfolio. Brilliant!

The right side of the room: a hand me down dresser painted and then decorated for use as a changing table and storage. More iron on art above!

Decorative detail on the dresser, done by moi.

I wish I’d thought to take some before pictures on the room and the furniture we re-finished, but alas no.

In pregnancy news, the third trimester is a pain in the ass. Literally, if you’re me. I get hip/thigh/butt cramps at night that make it impossible to sleep more than about 5 hours. I usually get up around 4 and go back for an hour or so around 7. Waking up every hour to pee goes without saying at this point. My fun swollen hands and carpal tunnel are progressing well, and the latest fun is bouts of wooziness and nausea if I lean back. My doctor’s prescription: “Don’t lean back.” Yep. On the plus side my blood pressure has been good, so less worry there. Still dragging my ass to yoga, but I’m less able to power through the vinyasa stuff. Still it’s worth it just to hang out with other disgruntled third trimester women.