So I found out yesterday that another friend is pregnant. I now have two friends who are due within a month of me. Everywhere I go, I see pregnant ladies. I think it’s the recession, man. Going out less=more home-based entertainment. It’s either the Wii or the goat dance.

Notice the time stamp on this entry? Oh yeah. I’m blaming the insomnia on myself this time. I stayed up too late watching Hulu. Hulu is my nemesis. When I stay up watching tv I have a really hard time winding down. I haven’t had cable since David and I got together. This has been good for us in many ways, but I’m starting to think that mindless television is going to be just what the doctor ordered when I have a small person attached to me half the day. In the meantime, however, I really have to remember turn off the tv-computer at 11pm.

Dance class went swimmingly. I’m finding that pregnancy is much like having a low-grade flu or cold, just with different symptoms. My immune system is lower, digestion is slower, and I’m tired a lot. And it seems that just like with mild illness; the symptoms abate during exercise, and come back after. I’m going to stick with the dancing for as long as I can.

cheeseburgerI’m still trying to figure out the whole food thing. Eat too much? Get sick. Eat too little? Get sick. Until yesterday, I thought I was going to give birth to a squirrel or a rabbit. I’d been subsisting mainly on dried fruit and nuts. But last night I got smacked with a major craving: Cheeseburger and fries. Holy crap! Note to self, GIVE IN TO CRAVINGS. I felt like a new person after. And the fries craving was really as a vehicle for ketchup. Who the hell craves ketchup? Me, apparently. Mighty Fine was there for me.

I feel as if there’s this tyrannical, miniature, Napoleon-like being in my uterus issuing loud but unintelligible orders. Speak English!

Have I mentioned my skin yet? Probably not. Let’s just say ARGH! I love all-over-face-breakouts. I get this sometimes when I travel. It looks like a mild rash. I’m ready for it to be over now please. It’s easy to cover up with my beloved Bare Minerals, but it’s itchy and lame. I have pregnancy-safe skin stuff from my dermatologist, but it’s not doing the trick at the moment.

My asthma doctor switched my inhaler and so far it’s not doing the trick. It’s a steroid only, instead of the combo which had worked so well for me. I’m hoping the reduced efficacy is temporary, I seem to remember that steroid inhalors can take a while to start working. Otherwise I’ve got to go back to the doc and try something else.

That’s it for now. More minutae to come.