Eating is a new adventure in many ways. The dietary restrictions for the gravid are myriad and confusing. No caffeine – except it’s actually okay. No alcohol, except some doctors say it’s fine. No sushi (whaaa). Then there’s the whole soft cheese thing. No feta, blue cheese, goat cheese, or queso fresco. Except if it’s cooked or made with pasteurized milk. Okaaay. No cured meats – except if they’re cooked. So I can continue to make quiche lorraine, for example. But a couple of my faves – smoked salmon and prosciutto are out.

The nausea thing is so far sporadic. I seem to get a wave of it around 10am, but if I gnaw on some trail mix it usually abates. Getting a handle on my insomnia helped a lot. Exhaustion and stomach issues are non-mixy things. Other random symptoms are headaches and insane tiredness, even now that I’m a bit more caught up on my sleep.

Mad props to my husband for strongly suggesting I avoid the endless napping so I can actually sleep at night. It worked!  I miss my naps which I love like I love  cookies. Hopefully I can sneak some limited napping back in soon.

My body seems to grow and shrink daily (except my chest which just grows). I read on the internets that this is normal, but it’s odd. My rings will be loose, and then I won’t be able to take them off. I had to give up my Walmart Bride ring because I was afraid it would get stuck.

I’ve been working on the Ultimate Snack Mix for my purse. So far it’s a combo of carrot chips, Starbucks Fruit and Nuts mix (those little packets they have at checkout), more almonds, more cashews, and some dried mango. Carrot chips rule! Why did no one tell me how tasty they are?

I’m also addicted to Yoga Yoga’s tea. It’s got a tiny bit of caffeine in it and is very soothing to my stomach.  I’ve attempted to make it at home with limited success. I’m going to tweak the recipe a bit and let you know how it goes.

I tried a bit of my new prenatal yoga dvd yesterday. It’s a vinyasa series, so it’s fairly vigorous. The instructor is painfully sing-songy, but the exercises themselves are good. I’m taking less intense classes, so it’s good to have an alternative that’s a bit more ass-kicking. There is also a partner yoga section that I’m hoping to convince David to try with me. I’ve been taking hatha and prenatal classes at Yoga Yoga and I’ve found a few teachers I really feel comfortable with. There’s also a newer studio near our house that is stunningly beautiful. Big windows with views into a wooded area, it doesn’t get much more serene.

The prenatal class I went to last week was great. It’s really a cross between a yoga class and a support group. It’s reassuring to be with women at all stages of pregnancy.

I’m planning on continuing bellydancing barring doctor restriction, but I’m a little worried about my stamina at the moment. I took a three hour workshop last week and pretty much pooped out by the third hour. Tonight is my first regular class since I found out I was pregnant. Class is only an hour and a half, but it’s pretty ass-kicking sometimes. We also have a big competition coming up and I’m a little worried about my ability to keep up with rehearsals. There’s also the fuzzy brain thing – when I get tired I pretty much can’t put two thoughts together. I hear this only gets worse.

That’s the news from the couch in Austin. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.